across the village, the guest and the villagers have enough privacy while still enjoying a cultural exchange and the benefits of tourism in the living area.

Lodging consists of a traditional Wayana style resort on a river island across the village of Pruim, with basic



        standards of comfort for the needs of the tourist to be in the jungle.

Accommodations include two person cabins or groups, outdoor group sanitation, and a restaurant. In addition, the Wayana people offer high class jungle service throughout your stay.




      are developed through the forest. Hiking to the granite peak of Tebutop is a one day trip, while Rosevelt Peak is for the adventurous in a four day trip through the pristine jungle with a local guide.

The rapids create the perfect conditions for a natural jacuzzi in the river and there are nice beaches.

Fishing, kayaking or cultural exchanges are optional.


        From the resort, river excursions include the following nearby destinations: Maroon villages downstream, Palumeu Resort, Kasikasima.  
        or find out more information about Apetina, please contact Samoe Schelts:

phone number: +597 857 8924
                      +597 890 4405

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We look forward to sharing this unique adventure with you!


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